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Quarterly Report of the Lighthouse Club Hong Kong Benevolent Fund Q1-Q3 2023

In Q1-Q3 2023 the Lighthouse Club Hong Kong Benevolent Fund (LHC HKBF) provided continuing support to 31 separate cases and ongoing financial assistance in the aggregate amount of HK$1,743,594. 

The financial assistance is provided to persons who are facing financial hardship because of accident, disability, sickness, or ill-health. In cases of fatal accidents or deaths caused by sickness or ill-health, the ongoing financial assistance is given to the families or dependents.

The LHC HKBF is a charitable trust, dedicated to assisting persons employed, or formerly employed, in the Hong Kong construction industry, who are facing financial hardship. If you, or someone you know, might be eligible for assistance and you wish to understand more about how the LHC HKBF may be able to help, please contact us for a confidential discussion.


Please also refer https://www.lighthouseclubintl.com/Charity for more information on James Battersby Lighthouse Club Educational Trust and Lighthouse Club International Benevolent Trust.

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